Nazmus Saquib


[I decided to reorganize my website in January 2017. Projects and CV pages are quite outdated right now and are being reorganized, please check back soon to get the latest updates! Thank you.]

I am an inventor, designer, and futurist, researching to build intelligent machines that empower humans and human networks.

My current research focuses on instrumentation of early childhood classrooms to sense social and educational interactions, and creating AI driven interventions based on such data. I utilize RF based sensing, AI, network science, and data visualizations to augment the capabilities of teachers and parents in helping their children learn efficiently.

I am a PhD student at the Laboratory for Social Machines (directed by Deb Roy) at the MIT Media Lab. My research is supported in part by Wildflower Foundation, where I am a Technical and Research Fellow. Prior to attending MIT, I received a BA in Physics from Bard College and MS in Computational Engineering from University of Utah.

Other than being a researcher, I deeply care about mentoring under-privileged students who aim to become stellar researchers and technology leaders, and also about empowering emerging economies using data and AI. Combining these ideas, I currently run two initiatives in Bangladesh. I also advise two technical startups, and The Tech Academy in Bangladesh, which teaches coding, robotics, and interactive computing to underprivileged school students.

Fun fact: I go by my last name, Saquib (pronounced Sa-kib).

Email: lastname [at] mit [dot ] edu